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Records Management

AC Academics

Record Code

Record Series / Activity

Description / Scope Notes

Examples of Record Types

Retention Period 

Final Disposition

Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR)

Privacy Considerations (Y / N)

AC-01 Program Development Records related to curriculum/program design, content, changes and approvals Stakeholder Consultation | Proposals | Course and Program Outlines | Program Evaluation and Review | Training Needs Assessments | Corporate Training | Continuing Education  Program Discontinuation + 5 years Selective retention by archives Program Development (Chair) N
AC-02 Accreditation and Articulation Records related to the accreditation process, research, and self-study documentation for any level of required accreditation Accreditation | Articulation | Board Submissions | Reports (Sent and Received) | Correspondence Permanent Permanent retention TBD N
AC-03 Teaching and Learning Records related to the development and delivery of teaching and learning Teaching Methodology | Teaching Tools and Technologies | Delivery of Content and Curriculum Active + 5 years Destruction TBD N
AC-04 Student Coursework Records related to student coursework leading to a grade and to a posting on the official
student record of the Registrar
Student Tests | Examinations | Quizzes | Papers | Projects | Other Related Course Records Course End + 5 years Destruction TBD Y