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CNA-Q Book Club

This Month's Session

This month will mark our first session of the Book Club. The details of the session are as follows:

About the Book Club

The book club provides its members with an opportunity to read and express their thoughts about different books. We aim to provide a safe space for interested individuals to encourage them to try different book genres. The book club sessions will be planned to take place every two weeks, and this would allow the members to read the book and watch the movie for a more interesting discussion. Our goal is to create a safe environment for the book club members to get out of their comfort zone, socialize, and meet people with similar interests. 


To be a member of the book club register using the following link: Club Registration Form 


The Book Club members are required to keep in mind the following while attending the Sessions: 

  • Be on Time: Please be on time for the sessions to ensure minimum distractions during the session.
  • Be Respectful: Please respect others' opinion, even if you disagree, do it respectfully.
  • Don't Interrupt: Please do not interrupt other members while they are talking. You can either wait until they are done or use the 'raise hand' feature on zoom.
  • Participation: The Book Club aims to have fun discussions, which is only possible if you participate and interact with other members. 

Books Choice

The Book Club aims to provide a variety of book genres as to satisfy the preferences of the members. In every session, we will discuss a book from a different genre. The books will be selected by the members of the club through a poll and announced through email and/or WhatsApp group

Book for This Month's Session


  • Rated: PG-13 
  • Length: 1h 46min
  • Genre: Drama/Romance

Where to Find the Chosen Books?

The books used in the club's sessions can be accessed through our CNA-Q Library website, Qatar National Library website, or any of the other suggested book stores in Qatar listed down below. 

Library Access: 

Other Suggestions: 

  • Borders Bookstore 
  • ALIF 
  • Jarir Bookstore