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How do I use the controls during the session?

‚ÄčThe meeting controls may look slightly different depending on your operating system, but you will see something like the image below.

Click on the links below to learn more about each control.

Zoom Meeting client controls for joining audio and sharing your screen

  1. Joining meeting audio (recommended)
    • By joining the meeting audio, you and the other user will be able to talk with each other over a high-quality VoIP connection.
    • You can use audio over the internet, but it is also possible to dial a phone number for audio.
    • You can mute or unmute your audio at any time..
  2. Sharing your screen
    • You can share your entire screen with Library staff, or just share individual windows. Library staff can also share with you.
    • While sharing, you will both have on-screen annotation tools, which let you highlight and make notes on the screen (like a SMART Board).
    • During screen sharing, whether its your screen or the other user's, you can request or give up keyboard & mouse control. For example, if you are sharing your own screen, this would allow the other user to interact with it.
  3. Enabling webcam video (optional)
    • You can choose to turn on your computer's webcam so the other person can see you, or you can leave it turned off.
    • There are different layout options for displaying webcam video while simultaneously sharing your screen.
  4. Using the built-in chat box (optional)
    • You may find it helpful to use the in-meeting chat feature during a screensharing session so you don't have to switch back and forth with LibChat.