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How do I create and save screenshots? - with notes!

How to create & save annotated screenshots

During the screensharing session, both parties can choose to annotate the screen live and save a screenshot, using built in annotation tools. This helps draw a user's attention and highlight particular areas to focus on, plus you can save a screenshot to help remember what you discussed!

  1. Select Annotate to begin annotating on your shared screen. This will open the annotation tools:

annotation tools

  1. Use the available options to annotate the screen. Options include:
    • Text: Add text to clarify specific portions of the screen.
    • Draw: Use freehand drawing to literally draw attention to a particular spot on screen.
    • Spotlight/Arrow: Turn your cursor into a spotlight or arrow to help capture the user's attention, so they look where you're pointing.
    • Eraser: Erase some or all of your prior annotations. 
    • Color: Add a highlight splash of color to denote a particular portion of the screen.
    • Undo/Redo: Step backward and forward in time to undo/redo previous changes.
    • Clear: Removes all previous annotations with one click
  2. Save! This allows you to save all annotations on the screen as a screenshot. The screenshot will be saved to your local device. Once saved, you can share the screenshot with your patrons via the chat box.