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The Research Process


Did you know that you can't just copy and paste a picture from Google Images into your work, without saying where it came from? Just like the written information that you find in articles and books, images were created by, and belong to, someone else, and most of them are NOT free to use any way you wish, or without attribution. 

Citing Images

For educational purposes, such as your CNA-Q assignments, you can cite images in much the same way that you would information from other sources. Remember, though, that Google Images is NOT your source! You need to click on the "visit page" option for the image, which will bring you to the original website where you can (hopefully) find more information.

The basic APA (7th edition) format for citing images is:

Image creator’s Last name, First initial. Middle initial. (Year published). Title of image [Photograph, Cartoon, Painting, etc.]. URL (address of website)

For example, an APA citation for this image of Al Zubarah Fort, found on Wikimedia Commons would look like this:

Miranda, O.R. (2018). The first World Heritage Site in Qatar [Photograph].




Royalty Free Images

There are many different copyright laws for images, with some creators prohibiting use of their images for any purpose. You can avoid issues by searching for free-to-use images on Google, by following these directions.

Or you can check out free-to-use image sites, such as these.